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Trust our experience

embrace your beautiful life again



No one should live in pain. We understand

how back pain is

debilitating and prevent you

from being productive in your life

and enjoying it. We have

helped thousands of our patients to

get back to their normal life, whatever

their normal life used to be

Our experience in spine surgery helps you

to conquer your pain and embrace

your health again. We dedicate you a beautiful

painless life with our expert

medical team in Brain and Spine surgery

We have thousands of successful surgeries in our records. Our extensive

experience is highly specialized and focused on Neck and Lumbar

Spinal Column, in traumatic cases and degenerative disorders

including: spinal canal stenosis, herniated and ruptured disc, sciatic

pain, spondilolysthesis, and spondilolysis and etc











Hospital care

We dedicate you a team of expert clinical staff in our well-equipped

hospitals in Tehran-Iran that treat you compassionately to relieve

your pain and shorten your recovery time

All of the hospitalization time will take usually 2 or maximum 3 nights

and normally Patients will be able to walk independently the day after surgery

About post-operative follow up, we consider every aspect of your

personalized needs and keep you well informed









Our medical team is available to answer your questions enthusiastically

and patiently throughout your recovery process

Your Physician will visit you and stay with you until all your concern

are gone. Your loved ones are welcomed at

all your appointments, on your discretion


For further information please visit our website &


آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسکریپت دارید

آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسکریپت دارید





What the ones who underwent these surgical

procedures want to share with you









Case 1: I was a soldier about 30 years ago and I suffered from

severe back pain due to traumatic injury that have occurred to me. My

pelvic was operated in Austria 30 years ago and fixation of Hip

joint was done for me. After 15 years I felt severe pain in my

low back and pelvic until 2 years ago that this pain debilitated

me in my daily routine works, I wasn’t able to walk. I felt

numbness in my legs. I suffered from urinary frequency. Any

analgesic medication could not relieve my severe pain. This

pain bothered me in every position until about 2 months ago

that I had an appointment with Dr.Majid Zohrabi and he accentuated

that lumbar spinal surgery and implantation is urgent for

me. Today is one month after my lumbar-spine surgery, and all

my pains disappeared 2 days after surgery. I ‘ve get back to a

painless and happy life again after years of pain. I must mention

that during last 30 years, I experienced 30 times getting general

anesthesia due to surgeries, and 11 months hospitalization in a

hospital in Vienna. Today, I can say proudly that this operation

process by Dr. Zohrabi and his medical team and post operation

hospital care had a great influence on me and it was the most

pleasurable surgical memory for me








Case 2: I suffered from low back pain for over 25 years. During

these years, the pain caused many problems for me in my

routine life as a housewife. One day one of my friends who

he and his daughter had been operated by Dr.Zohrabi recommended

me that I must visit Dr.Zohrabi for assessing my condition. Today, that

I am here, is about 6 years after my lumbar spine surgery. I

had canal stenosis and displacement in my vertebral column

and lumbar –spine implantation was done for me. I am so

glad. I embraced my health again. I feel like

a 18- year-old girl. I am so satisfied about my surgery

that was done by Dr.Zohrabi and I wish him the best










Case3: I had severe pain in my low back. I was not able to

even sit. I could only lay down. Until I had an appointment

with Dr.Zohrabi . The doctor diagnosed a ruptured disc in

my lumbar-spine that it needed an urgent surgery. Now, is one

week after surgery, I am able to sit and walk and I have no problem

The videos of these interviews are also available on

our website:



It’s our great honor to support all global patients with

free medical consultancy and MRI review via Email


Majid Zohrabi, MD

Board-certified Neurosurgeon, Iran 2000 - Certified in

Spine Implantation, France 2006








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آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسکریپت دارید

آدرس ایمیل جهت جلوگیری از رباتهای هرزنامه محافظت شده اند، جهت مشاهده آنها شما نیاز به فعال ساختن جاوا اسکریپت دارید


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