Alzheimer's drug's impact hailed چاپ
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دوشنبه, 28 آبان 1386 ساعت 08:13
The drugs are reserved for those with moderate Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's drugs currently being denied to some NHS patients may have a dramatic impact on the pathology of the brain, research in the UK indicates.
Neurology says that post-mortem tests on 24 patients found a 70% fall of a protein linked to dementia in those who had taken cholinesterase inhibitors. Campaigners are fighting to get the drugs available on the NHS after they were rejected for use in mild cases. Experts said the study was interesting but small and inconclusive as a result. Post-mortem examinations were done on 12 patients who took part in UK trials of the drugs - donepezil, rivastigmine, tacrine and galantamine.

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