Painful and Disappointing Memories چاپ
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Affected with lumbar herniated disc by lifting a heavy thing 18 years ago
In the name of God, the compassionate
Affected with waist disc by lifting a heavy thing 18 years ago, I went
to see a physician and some specialists. After taking radiography and
CT scan, the specialists' diagnosis was a sever herniation of the 4th
and 5th lumbar vertebrae. It was recommended to have a surgery.
I declined the surgery. I could be recovered by getting different
kinds of medicine and permanent resting. The pain was gone for the
time being; however, I was hurt time to time again. Alas! I had no
idea there was fire under the dust.
Along playing volleyball, sever pain appeared this summer (2007) once
more. Affecting all parts of my hips, back of my laps, and ankles, it
wasn't treated by any kind of therapeutic measures, resting, or taking
various medicines. None of the medical or general remedies, even
different injections and pain killers, was effective enough to
decrease the awful pain.
After making an appointment with one of the specialists, and having an
M.R.I, it was clear that the 5th Lumbar disc was extruded and the roots
of sciatic nerve were under vigorous pressure.
I was home lying on bed, with no movement, for 2 months.
I refused to undertake being visited by some of my friend' recommended
local and experimental physicians. One of the orthopedists prescribed
doing some physiotherapy and promised me an 80/90-recovery. The pain
sometimes decreased after eight sessions, but it got even worse later.
It was so painful that I couldn't be able to sit down or go to the
restroom. Even though I was too frustrated to live on, some friends
emphatically recommended me to avoid undertaking the surgery at all.
They insisted on the matter of being paralyzed after such a risky
operation. They believed it could make me quite disabled to do daily
chores, even lifting a-kilo package.
The die was cast. Life was all over for me. My condition was getting
worse day after day.

Finally, I had an appointment with Dr. Zohrabi. Studying my medical
description, previous check-up process, and observing the radiography
and M.R.I results, he recommended the immediate operation.
The sooner
the operation took place, the better it was for me.
I was so convinced with his reputation and experience virtues that I
knew there was no other possible choice to overcome the pain. As a
result, I got ready to be operated.
The operation was so satisfactory that I could sit down, and walk
easily, do my chores with no pain.
It made me enjoy getting restful
sleep and not be hurt again.
At the end, I would like to appreciate Dr. Zohrabi's efforts, and wish
him the best in his life and career. He has one the toughest
professions since he plays an important role in his patients' life. He
does all his best to offer the most suitable and proper services to
the ones in need all around Iran.

Be blessed and protected by the Lord's compassion


Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi

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