The memories of a patient affected with 2 level herniated discs and Spondylolysis چاپ
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It's a story of a self-scarifying man, called A. B., being affected with serious problems in his spinal column during the time serving the army
Fighting with the rebels in 2007, I was affected with mental problems and spinal column damage caused by the explosion wave and a quiver's collision. I was under many physicians' permanent treatment in different clinics, and was remedied in many hospitals.
As the time passed' the pain and problems increased in my back and legs. It made me stretched on the bed all the time. The considered observations showed a sever disc herniation in the few last lumbar discs. The sciatic nerve was under heavy pressure and the power of my legs' muscles was disappeared little by little.
I had a lot of mental difficulties because of pain, prickling and temporary in urination repulse disorder. High degree mental anguish and depression increased my pain as more as possible. Being permanently confined to bed
I was so stifled that I wished to die
There was no sign of recovery. Even though I took various kinds of pain killers, I never felt any change in gaining my health. I was under Dr. Zohrabi's medical supervision. After doing some check-ups and studying M.R.I and radiography results, his diagnosis was a serious extrusion in my lumbar discs and the vertebrae joints damage caused by the given hit of the rebels.Considering my situation, he strongly recommended an immediate operation in my spinal column. I had been prescribed to do such an operation for many times before, but it was really hard for me to accept the coming risks. It was all because of both what I had heard about the patients being dissatisfied with it, and my mental difficulties. I had lost all my hope in life.
 Oh, God! I didn't know what to do. I was in a dilemma and it was too hard to make a logic decision
My mental and physical conditions were getting worse and worse. I was even disabled to walk properly.
Doing many studies and researches, I made up my mind and accepted to be operated.
I was finally operated
The operation lasted 7 hours. Its hard process was doubled because of the delay I made in doing it, and all my difficulties became stale.
Moreover, the lumbar vertebra was loosening , and all discs were stuck to the nerve roots. The operation required more attention, accuracy and sensitivity than the general ones.
The operation was fortunately successful
It was incredible and surprising for me to be able to walk on my own the day after the operation.
I was on my feet once more, standing in front of my physician and the beloved ones.
I could take a walk in longer distances little by little. All pain was tolerable in the operated area, and I could feel my legs getting their power back.
I feel quite recovered at the moment. There's no more sign of the old pain in my legs. I am strong enough to go walking easily and take care
of my errands.
I give my thanks to my Lord letting me feel the sweetness of being healthy and have my life back to normal by such a talented surgeon's
I would like to appreciate all Dr. Zohrabi's efforts, and hope to see all patients gaining in health and be cured all around the world
Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi

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