Introducing a patient affected with sciaticalgia and long term neurogenic claudication چاپ
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Affected with severe low back pain ,sciaticalgia and neurogenic claudication for years
The middle-aged lady, shown in the image, was affected with severe low back pain and some degree of sciaticalgia.
neurogenic claudication has been described as a manner in which a patient starts limping after taking a short distance walk. It
decreases if only the patient bends its lumbar forward or squats. It will be problematic or impossible for her/him to take even meter distance as the time passes. She/he will be paralytic at the end.

In the aforementioned case, after doing some special check-ups, the
physicians' diagnosis was as follows: Severe diffused lumbar canal stenosis caused by several herniated discs, degenerative change's and osteophyte's (severe arthrosis).
She was operated as soon as possible. After her 3-year-ago successful operation, she can take a long distance walk easily at the moment.
There's no sign of pain and she can live on like a normal human being.

The photo, on the corner, was taken from her three months after the operation.  As you can see, she felt comfortable enough to bend completely and walk in long distances without any pain or other previous problems she had had before.

She has been strong enough to take care of her errands and do typical
chores, ever since
Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi

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