A patient's memory affected with Spondylolysis چاپ
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دوشنبه, 17 دی 1386 ساعت 13:47
I had a sever back pain lifting a sack
Did I feel sever backache since the period of my elementary school
time, while I was walking or doing a kind of sport activity then.

Patient's name: Hassan A.
Diagnosis: Spondylolysis
Patient's symptoms: Sever, intolerable and frustrating ache in lower
limb and back

In the name of God

My name's Hassan A., living in Sari, Iran. I was born in 1983. I had felt sever low backache since the period of the elementary school time while walking or doing any kind of sport activities then. But I hadn't paid attention to it at all.
It was at a cold sunset in winter 2003 when I moved approximately 20 - 50 kg chemical compost sacks with someone's help. I had a severe pain in my back when I returned home at 5 pm. It was so frustrating that I couldn't even dine, and lied down till 10 in the morning. After getting a 10-hour rest, I felt better and the pain was little by little gone for the time being. It started again after some time. One
of my relatives introduced Dr. Zohrabi to me. I made an appointment to see him. After observing the radiography and check-up results, some medicines were prescribed. I could feel much better afterwards, but it appeared even worse at the beginning of August 2004. I had the same old story with my back, even much worse. I nearly recovered after attending 10 sessions of physiotherapy. All disastrous pain got back to me a year after, in August 2005, even though I took my medication regularly which was not effective enough. I made another appointment
with Dr. Zohrabi. After studying the MRI and check-up results, and
according to my symptoms, he recommended an immediate operation … Even though some relatives tried to convince me not to take the operation, I accepted being operated. I was so frustrated with my awful condition and the old pain I had hurting me all those years that I went to the hospital satisfactorily. I had made my mind for I wasn't able to do anything.
I was transferred to the operation room at noon. The operation lasted more than 4 hours (4:10 pm) when I was taken to the hospital's ward.
Surprisingly, I was able to walk by fastening a medical waistband at 11 AM the day after the operation. I could even take longer distances the days after. I had a kind of Platen Implementation operation.
I've been easily living with no backache ever since. I feel so wonderful that I think I was born once more. I owe my health to Dr. Zohrabi since he granted my life to me, the most precious thing I've ever had
Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi


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