The operation of a lady affected with spinal cord damages چاپ
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دوشنبه, 17 دی 1386 ساعت 13:58
She was able to be on her feet once again...
Affected with broken back lumbar vertebras and 2-leg paralysis caused
by an accident, ...
Falling down from a tree, Mrs. N. Hosseini was affected with 2-leg
paralysis, and uncontrollable urination-excrement process.
She was
taken to the hospital and confined there. After observing her
condition, the specialist's diagnosis were several broken parts in the
9th, 11th and 12th back vertebras' Centrum, and sever spinal cord damages.

Besides, some sever vast damages spread over most back vertebras have
been noticed. The neck spinal cord was also involved with bleeding and
myeloma lacy by the tension of the herniated disc between the neck's
5th and 6th vertebras.
Taking the vastness of spinal cord damage and
the patient's disease symptoms into consideration, an urgent operation
spinal fractures
was recommended including the spinal cord release process with fusion
and fixation of back vertebras. She was operated as soon as possible.
According to the operation's process observation, it was too unexpected to realize how serious the damages were. The real damage observation was much more than what the radiography results perceived.
Most back vertebras were broken in different parts. The risky operation lasted for nearly 7 hours. The lady was transferred to the
hospital's ward and dismissed in a few days to follow her medication and recovery process at home. A special regular medication and
treatment was prescribed to her including physiotherapy and some therapeutic physical movements. The approximate recovery was fortunately appeared in the low back movements. It was so satisfactory that the patient was able to walk by a stick. The problematic symptoms have been disappeared in the last years since the taken operation. She has been considerably able to
afret surgery control her urination and excrement process.
It has been expected to see an ascending trend in her recovery curve.
She will be able enough to take longer distances to walk without using
a stick as the time passes.
I pray my Lord to make me powerful enough to save another patient's
life and let her live on with no paralysis and dependency.

A vital point should be considered:
Some factors are quite important to be mentioned in the medical
process of the patients affected with spinal cord damages such as no
waste of time in taking reliable and scientific treatments,
appropriate operation, and effective proper therapeutic physical
movements. It is clear that the patient's prognosis plays a crucial
role in the treatment and recovery's process
Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi
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