The story of a lady's re-birth چاپ
نوشته شده توسط One of my patient's   
دوشنبه, 17 دی 1386 ساعت 14:17
September 26th is a memorial day for us...
In the name of God, the compassionate

Mrs. Setareh Aseman, 2006/05/03

September 26th is a memorial day for us. It's the day when God showed
his healing power up through one of his beloved ones' hands and
granted our mother's life to her once again.
By the grace of God,
through one of the toughest and scientific surgical operations, Dr.
Majid Zohrabi, a responsible and talented surgeon, made the Setareh
Asemans feel like smiling once more. He did the most precious thing to
us keeping his name brightly live in our mind forever.
Not taking her blood tension medicines for a few days, Manizheh
Setareh Aseman was affected with a sever acute hypertension .
She had a serious dizziness and couldn't recognize the positions
around her. Half of her face was paralyzed
so we took her to
Gha'emshahr hospital as soon and quickly as possible. Her blood
tension was raised to 24. The hospital medical staff did all their
intracerebral hemtoma
efforts to decrease it to 20, and it was finally dropped to 16.
The brain CT scan made it clear that one of the brain capillaries was
wounded and a blood clot was appeared there.
Being recommended by Dr.
Zohrabi, my mother was confined and remedies there for 3 days. Her
physical condition was getting much worse. It was so terrible that she
was affected with serious nervousness and restlessness.
Dr. Zohrabi
ordered an immediate operation. Even though he had had 2 other
difficult surgical operations before on the same day, he rushed to the
hospital at 1 in the morning to do my mother's operation. It was clear
how frustrated he was because of his previous surgical operations.
While he was entering the operation room, he assured us peacefully and
was incredibly confident; giving us the hope we needed that time. It
was 4 in the morning when Dr. Zohrabi was appeared with a warm hopeful
smile on his face at the door. It was noteworthy that it was my
mother's birth date, September 26th.
That's why we believe she was
born once again then, with the grace of God.
She was confined in Mehr hospital in Sari for 12 days. She was in her
toughest spiritual-mental condition then. After passing the long
convalescence period, she could gain in health through God's will
, and
Dr. Zohrabi and the hospital staff efforts.
The Setareh Asemans always remember Dr. Zohrabi's talent, skill and
devotion. We pray God whenever we look at our mother smiling face, and
wish the best for Dr. Zohrabi and his respected family. We pray for
all patients' health and healing
Translated by: Akasha Ghaboosi 

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