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I am a 25-year-old lady falling down from a swing with my head first
... I feel happy and cheerful again
The patient was a 25-year-old lady taken to the emergency room on April 2, 2006 repining at the paralysis of her body's right side (including her leg and hand), and disorders in the sphincters'  control and senses disorders (including heat and pain) on her body's left side. After observing the check-up results, the diagnosis was as follows: crumbling of the neck's 5th vertebrae, bleeding, and slurring of spinal cord nearby. She was immediately transferred to the operation due to the spinal cord release, the ejection of the crumbled vertebrae and the other required measures. corpectomy ( resection of vertebral body ). The spinal cord, affected with high pressure of the crumbled pieces, was released. The removed vertebra was replaced by a bone graft, taken from her pelvis. A titanium pluck was utilized to have the graft fixed in its place. The patient was transferred to ICU and dismissed in a few days to follow her remedy procedure domestically.

The text below was written and sent by the patient herself. It has been brought to you, with no literal changes, in this section.

In the name of God, the compassionate

I am a 25-year-old lady falling down from a swing with my head first. I was affected with my broken 5th vertebra and my body's right side paralyzed. After the
surgery , operating room, dr zohrabi ambulance had got to the accident's scene and all first aids were performed, I was taken to the hospital. Leaving the operation room a few minutes ago, Dr. Zohrabi visited me in the emergency room. Doing a short check-up, he gave me the hope to gain in health through a surgical operation. I was transferred to a more equipped hospital and took an MRI the day after. Taken to the operation room at 1 in the afternoon to be in Dr. Zohrabi's hand, I knew I would get what I had lost, my health, by his scientific knowledge, talent and intelligence. I saw the doctor. Everywhere was crowded. I was counting from 1 to 10 when I deeply fell asleep…

… Opening my eyes, I could see myself lying on a bed in ICU. It seemed I was conscious. I was told the operation lasted for 5 hours. I spent the night in ICU. I was transferred to the gynecological ward a few days later, and confined there for 8 days. Dr. Zohrabi visited me and his other patients every day during my stay in the hospital. He instructed my accompanying relatives to massage my motionless hand and leg.
Finally, I was at home.
All my accompanying relatives did their doubled efforts to make me recovered. Being operated 9 days ago, I was taken to the hospital in a patient's stretcher by an ambulance to have my check-up process and my stitches pulled out.patient , spinal cord lesion , spinal column ,
Dr. Zohrabi prescribed some physiotherapy sessions for my 4 organs (hands and legs). After a 2-week recovery, I started the physiotherapy sessions with Mr. Abuzari's help who was one of the most sympathetic persons I've ever seen.
It was April 29th when Dr. Zohrabi could see his efforts final result

It was too incredible to see I was able enough to be on my feet, standing and climbing the stairs up to the doctor's office on the 2nd floor of the building. Entering the doctor's room, I looked at his smiling face, telling me I passed the exam quite well
My Lord granted my hand and leg's movement to me through the doctor's and others' efforts. I am strong enough to write the letter myself now.
At the end, I would like to appreciate all dear ones who did their best to make a person live on again. I pray God for their health and supporting them all.
All thanks are due to my dear, kind, sympathetic and tolerant husband and brother. I owe my recovery to all of my relatives and fellows and kiss their hands for whatever they did. That's all
Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi 

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