The time I lifted the fruit box چاپ
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The Low back herniated disc surgical operation
Falling and being paralyzed in 2 legs 20 days before, he called on me in my office after lifting a box of fruit. At first he had no pain when I visited him in the office. Observing the check-up results, my diagnosis was a herniated disc between the 4th and 5th vertebra. He was operated later and was fortunately be able to stand on his own and take a walk with the least help from his accompanying relative. His recovery process was so successful and considerate that he could gain his legs' lost power once again in the next visits we had with each other in my office (as shown in the images brought to you below). Everything was natural, the same that it was before the accident happened. Recovered from a serious paralysis, making it impossible for him to live on, he was saved to live happily ever since his few-year-ago surgical operation. He's farming on his field now and trying to enjoy his life with his family
extruded disc
 foot drop
 in my clinic  in my Clinic
The first image was taken in the operation room. The other two images, taken 15 days and a month after the operation, show the recovery process in the patient. Pay close attention to the manner of the legs and their feasibilities


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