An old lady suffered from severe back pain چاپ
نوشته شده توسط Majid Zohrabi   
پنجشنبه, 20 دی 1386 ساعت 18:59
Severe Lumbar Canal Stenosis ... This old lady had been suffering from severe pain in her back and legs
Suffered from taking even a short distance walk, she was paralytic. Her thin and weak body made the operation so risky that everybody, including her, was worried about it ... After observing the required measures' results, the diagnosis was as follows: severe lumbar canal stenosis and its pressure on her sciatic nerve. There was no other choice, except doing the surgical operation

The patient was confined in the hospital to have the other necessary tests and observations. Studying all the tests and experiments' results, it was agreed to perform the operation. Finally, she was operated. The operation was as follows: lumbar canal stenosis, spine and sciatic nerve release, and the other necessary required measures



The image on the right corner shows the patient's condition a month after being operated. The pain has clearly decreased and she has been able to walk without any ache or claudicating.

It has been a few years since her surgical operation. She has been strong enough to do all her routine chores and live on, without all those problems and pain she had before, ever since

 In the name of God
Who has all the remedies in his hand
His memory is the best cure of all
Dear Dr. Zohrabi,
We would like to appreciate all your efforts.
Our mother was saved from her long term frustrating

and distressful pain by God's grace and power,

and being operated through your skillful talents,

to have another chance living happily ever since.

 Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi


یادداشت های بازدید کننده گان

نویسنده مهمان(مهمان) در تاریخ چهارشنبه, 30 بهمن 1387 ساعت 08:25
داکتر صاحب محتر. من یک جوان هستم و منحیث یک جوان بعد از دیدار از سایت پر اهمیت شما برای ابعاد زنده گی، چنین فکر میکنم که حالا شما از جمله نشان دهنده راه های بهتر زنده گی برای انسان ها هستید. 
لطفا برای نوشتن یادداشت یا وارد سایت شوید یا ثبت نام نمایید

آخرین بروز رسانی در یکشنبه, 23 دی 1386 ساعت 05:23
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