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Severe Lumbar herniated disc
Patient: A 32-year-old male

Diagnosis: Severe sciatic pain with movement disorders, lower limb weakness, and urination retention

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All for one, one for all

Being created from the same source

All mankind are all together

A pain in one hurts the others


In the name of God

Who has all cures in his name and hand

My name is Gholam G., born in Ardabil in 1973. I am a teacher and an athlete. I used to be a professional goal keeper. Facing financial problems, I appealed to have my second job, selling fruits. I had to lift heavy boxes which hurt my back for the first time in summer 2003. I had an appointment with a general practitioner and gained in health after 2 months taking medicines and some rest. Two years passed since my last backache. I got back to my previous job. Working hard for 2 months, I had a severe backache. It affected my hips and the pain was spread over it till my toes, prickling. My left Palma was smarted and anesthetized time to time. After observing MRI results, the diagnosis was the hernia of the 5th back vertebra disc. Even though it was recommended to have a surgical operation, I was not convinced and did not agree to take it. Having some physiotherapy sessions and resting at home, the pain disappeared somehow for the time being. I did my daily errands for some time. I endured the severe pain till September 2006, when I was not move or even stand on my feet. I had the MRI tests once more. All specialists and surgeons prescribed an immediate surgical operation. Looking for an experienced surgeon and studying his works, I accepted Dr. Zohrabi to perform the surgical operation on me. I was so surprised when I found out I was able enough to move my body with my relatives' help and a walker three days after the operation. I was quite strong to walk without a walker on the forth day, and take a walk with nobody's help after the fifth day. I got back to my teaching job after 10 days and the pain decreased day after day. I am like a new born baby, looking forward to the coming joy in my life

Thank you so much

Gholam G

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Thanks God, I wish a healthful life for Dr Zohrabi
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