A herniated back disc through a car accident چاپ
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دوشنبه, 24 دی 1386 ساعت 15:31
A letter full of kindness and love
In the name of God

Dear Dr. Zohrabi,

Hello! Wish all power to you! I would like to appreciate all efforts you did for me to gain in health and be cured. Wish you and your beloved family good health and long happy lifetime! Hope you will be healthy enough forever to give a sincere hand to the needed and sick people to reap the benefits of your experience and generosity.

I respectfully beg to inform you my name is Seyyed Bahman Gh., 25 years old, father's name: Seyyed Ali Akbar, living in Sari …

I was riding my motorcycle in Keshavarz Boulevard at 8:30 PM on 2006/07/17 when I heard a sudden loud and hard gear noise of a car at my back. There was a hard hit at the back of the motorcycle, throwing and flinging me hard on my hips and back on the asphalt … I was able to stand up, at first, but I was deprived to stand or even sit by a severe backache appeared a few seconds later (meanwhile, there was a hit on my left ankle making the situation hard and problematic for me) … Many people gathered all around and took me to Sari's Hospital. There was no sign of any break or other problems shown in the required examination performed on me. However, I suffered a severe pain in my back and lower limb. For more consideration, I had an MRI test revealing a severe protrusion back disc. A full and absolute rest was prescribed for me. It was determined to have a surgical operation, if there was no sign of recovery in my situation. The pain was so severe and hard that made me quite deprived with being able to move. A bit motion made the ache intolerable. On the other hand, I was so distressful and afraid of the surgery. Even thinking of it made me have diarrhea and vomiting. I lost my appetite for 2 days. I was not able to do anything. I was totally hopeless and disappointed.

Suffered the ache and all hard problems, I called on the emergency room on the constraint and was confined again … I was convinced and satisfied to be operated since you (my dearest physician) consulted with me and did your best to make me feel relaxed and calm.

I was operated with my Lord's grace and my respected kind physician's talented and skillful hand. The back disc operation was so satisfying that I was able to walk with nurses' helps the day after the surgery. I retained my physical and mental calmness by my stamina and overcoming the pain. I took a walk every 2 hours continuously. I was dismissed from the hospital at the forth day after the surgery. Fastening medical waistband, as you prescribed, and taking routine walk at home, I feel extremely relaxed and calm. There is no pain or boredom in my back and legs. I feel well because of not only God's kindness and compassion, but also your talent and knowledge in the medical field.

Thank you so much!

Seyyed Bahman GH
Translated by : Akasha Ghaboosi 

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